How Much Is A Generator For A 2000 Sq. Ft. House?

How Much Is A Generator For A 2000 Sq. Ft. House?

When shopping for a generator for your 2000 sq. ft. home, you’ll want to know exactly how to size it based on your home or business’s power needs. However, knowing the size of an auxiliary silent portable diesel generator, you need to keep your house during a power blackout can be a bit hard. It’s not impossible, nevertheless. Several factors need to be considered to find the right size. You’ll find the answers in this post.

Steps To Know What Portable Generator Size You Need To Run Your 2000 sq. ft. Home:

1 . Determine The Appliances You Want To Run On The Generator

With a generator, you can power anything and use multiple appliances at one time. The first step in deciding on the size of a silent diesel generator is knowing which essential appliances need to be run during the outage. Whether it’s small equipment like a blender or heavy-duty units like refrigerators, list all the possible electrical devices and tools you can think of.

Remember, if you plan to use systems like ACs and freezers, keep them on separate circuits from other appliances you plan to run with the generator.

2 . Know How Much Power or Watts are Required

Your electrical appliances may consume more or fewer units and energy, depending on their size, load capacity, and energy efficiency. Given that, you will need to find the watts required for each appliance to gauge what size generator is ideal for handling heavy loads and multiple equipment. You can find this information in the manual or user guide as well as on the internet without much hassle. Another way is to take a look at your current power bill, which will tell you how much power is used in your home on an average day. It would also be wise to take into consideration any future additions that are planned for your home.

However, if you cannot find this information or in case of doubt, contact the manufacturer directly and inquire about their recommendations.

3 . Assess The Amount of Starting and Running Watts Needed

Most people don’t know that there are two different types of watts an appliance calls for. One is ‘starting wattage’ (watts needed just to start a device), and the other is ‘running watts’ (power required to run an appliance or tool). The total amps needed for each item is not just the starting wattage but also the running wattage. Once it is turned on, its running watts will automatically decrease to a lower level.

To find the starting and running wattage needed, discover how much power each appliance or tool uses when it is turned on for the first time. Then, multiply this number by two (for starters) and again by three (for running).

4 . Add Up All The Wattage Ratings For Each Appliance

To get a sense of the demand for electricity required in your home during a blackout, add up the number of amps your listed devices draw. To be on the safe side, multiply the total power needed by 1.5 to determine what size generator you need.

So, How Much Power Does a 2000 sq. ft. May Use?

A 2 or 3-kVA silent portable generator can power and run essential small appliances at once for hours, such as fans, lights, and internet devices. However, using washing machines, ACs, and other heavy-duty items is not adequate. If you have a lot of heavy-duty appliances to run, you should go with a larger generator.

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