Portable Diesel Generator Price In India

Portable Diesel Generator Price In India

The price of fuel is increasing day by day. In order to maintain such machines, you need the first quality that is less consumption of fuel. Diesel generators are still very much preferred today, and many still use diesel generators for home use. Fuel consumption for diesel engines is less so the glow plugs can have a longer life. The cost of diesel generators is much lower than that of other appliances.

Why Diesel Generator?

In these days smart buying option is mobility. A Diesel-Powered portable generator is a great option to think in this way. This is low on maintenance and less fuel consumption than any others. Best for indoor and outdoor occasions, portable machines gives you the benefits of saving money. It gives you the option to choose between different price ranges according to your needs.

Portable 6.5 KW

This is a single-phase, powered by a 6 KVA engine which lets you use a single Ac phase with cooling system technology. This is a semi-silent portable Diesel generator.

6.5 KVA Silent ad Portable

This is a semi-silent portable machine, costs nearly Rs 1.35 lakhs per product which gives you a massive output of 6.5 KVA, using 220 volts, single-phase, and air-cooling efficiency.

7.5 KVA Set

It costs you around 1.15 lakh for each set. Its 7.5 KVA power is delivered with a noise level of up to 120 dB.  It in any condition is appropriate for office and mall purposes.

8.5 KVA Portable Diesel Generator

This monster is completely CPCB-ICAT Approved, let you run office and mall easily. Let you run 3 AC smooth and hazard-free. The minimum cost per set is Rs 1.65 lakhs, Ac single and three-phase unit and air cooling system.