How Much Diesel Fuel Does A KW Generator Use?

How Much Diesel Fuel Does A KW Generator Use?

As humans, the electricity supply is one of our essential daily needs. Whether you are a homeowner or a small business owner, your need for electricity must be met sufficiently, but life can get difficult due to usual or frequent power cuts. However, a portable diesel generator can be the ideal solution to your power shortage problems.

While you might be planning to purchase a new genset for your home, shop, or even office, you should also know how much diesel a generator consumes on average. It will help you choose a reliable, high-efficiency power generator.

The chart below shows the average fuel consumption of diesel power generators, divided into categories according to their capacity (KW) and load.

How Much Diesel Fuel Does A Kw Generator Use?

What Are Some Benefits Of Diesel Power Generators?

Compact Gensets With High-Power Capacity

Diesel generators can generate way more power than the same size generator, which runs on gas. Also, diesel as a fuel has a higher energy value – it is one of the biggest reasons diesel gensets can produce more power. Compared to gas, diesel engines can generate almost double the power generated by a gas-based genset of the same size.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Diesel power generators have no spark plugs and carburettors. As a result, diesel gensets are designed to generate high power without requiring heavy maintenance. Minimal maintenance like preventive maintenance and refuelling are suitable for diesel generators to function for a long time.

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Extended Runtime

Power generators that run on gas need refuelling earlier than a diesel generator would need. Diesel generators have high-efficiency engines that consume less fuel as compared to other units. As a result, they run for extended hours, ensuring your daily chores are completed without interruption. Today they are the top choice of homeowners as well as shop owners and small offices.

Less Noise

Generators are made of quite a heavy engine that creates some level of sound during functioning. However, made with the latest technology, today’s diesel gensets are super silent. They make the least noise to ensure your family, neighbours, customers, and everyone around the gensets don’t have to bear loud annoying noises.

Year-Round High Performance

Diesel gensets can efficiently work in extreme weather conditions, making them the best choice for people living in areas with frequently changing temperatures. Regardless of the weather conditions, diesel generators ensure you never run out of power, provided you have sufficient fuel to feed the generator.

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