Why Portable Diesel Generator Are Better Than Portable Gas Generators

Why Portable Diesel Generator Are Better Than Portable Gas Generators

Power outages, due to any possible cause, are incredibly frustrating. What makes these outages more unbearable is a mammoth and cumbersome generator. Under such circumstances, you would need a solution that is dependable yet affordable. Therefore, portable generators are here to make your life easier. These easy-to-carry anywhere generators are a cost-effective and reliable source of backup power.

While buying a generator, customers often face difficulty deciding which portable generator to opt for, depending on their fuel. Mostly, portable generators function on fuels like gasoline, diesel, and propane. Be it gas or diesel generators in India; both are quite common.

Diesel vs. Gas Generator: Benefits of Portable Diesel Generator

When it comes to deciding the type of generators you want to buy, the primary battle is between portable diesel and gas generators. They can be distinguished based on several essential parameters mentioned below.

Lesser Fuel Consumption

In the diesel vs. gas generator debate, the former remains a wise choice because it consumes lesser fuel than portable gas generators. It makes diesel generators a more cost-effective solution as it is cheaper than gas. Diesel, as a fuel source in generators, also promises higher efficiency because of the long run time.

Higher Reliability Index

Portable diesel engines in generators guarantee a longer life span than portable gas generators. In contrast to the gas generators, there is no requirement for spark plugs or wires in these. A portable diesel generator’s rapid response time and load-carrying capacity make it a more reliable option, especially during an emergency.

Safer Than Portable Gas Generator

Diesel is the least flammable fuel source. On the other hand, gasoline is highly flammable. Owning a generator would also require the owner to store fuel, which involves fire risk due to high heat or exposure to open flames. Diesel cuts down heavily on chances of accidental ignition.

Require Less Maintenance

You wouldn’t have to run to your nearest fuel store every time you face a power cut. You must be wondering how diesel makes it possible. Well, Diesel is known for its longer shelf life. Similarly, diesel engines’ durability is higher; portable diesel generators require limited upkeep and are sturdy. During the maintenance time, portable diesel generators facilitate easy lubrication of the equipment engine due to the absence of spark plugs. 

Longer Lifespan

Portable Diesel generators’ lifespan is longer than that of gas generators. While the former can last up to 20,000 to 30,000 hours, the latter lasts up to 2,000 to 3,000 hours. Portable gas generators also tend to break down quickly as they produce more heat than diesel generators.

Therefore, diesel generators have more advantages than gas generators. However, while choosing a portable generator, you should consider functional priorities. Right guidance from experts can help you make informed decisions.

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