What to consider when buying a portable generator?

What to consider when buying a portable generator?

If you are managing some industrial processes, dependable and high-performing generators are critical to your operations. Whether it is a primary or back-up power source, the potential uses for generator varies a lot. No matter which specific and how many applications you are charged with, you have to have the best machine to do the entrusted task. So, when looking for diesel generators there are three questions to ask:

What environment that your generator set will operate in?

If you have to manage heavy-duty applications then you have to find the best equipment that can bear the work level. The volatile working conditions demand more rugged and durable equipment. You should look for a frame composed of high-strength, low-alloy steel with high tolerance to prevent distortion during less than ideal conditions.

How much fuel you need?

Diesel generator set manufacturers in India offer gensets in different specifications with different fuel capacities. Pay attention to a diesel generator set’s BSFC rating – a universal scale that allows comparing fuel efficiency head to head. If you need always on power then doing the math would show the difference in fuel consumption by different machines. Even the minimal differences would translate to thousands of dollars. So choose the one that is more economical.

What is your ability to maintain the genset?

The hard to reach location makes maintenance difficult. If you need the genset for one such location then consider the risks of low-maintenance. Therefore, find a machine that would operate efficiently without demanding enough maintenance.

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