What Is The Working Principle Of Diesel Generator?

What Is The Working Principle Of Diesel Generator?

If you are not proverbial with diesel generators, then you probably might be wondering what they actually are and how they work. Well, diesel generators are immensely useful appliances that are meant to supply electrical power during situations like a power outage.

Available in different physical as well as electrical configurations, a silent portable diesel generator is a merger of a diesel engine and an electric generator and is commonly used as a secondary source of electrical power in industrial and residential units.

How Does A Diesel Generator Work?

A diesel generator is actually a machine that converts mechanical energy (produced by an in-built combustion engine) into electrical energy. There are different components of the diesel generator that work in synergy to produce electricity. Some of these essential components of a power diesel generator include:

  • Engine – Being the primary component of the diesel generator set, the engine supplies the mechanical energy which is later transformed into electrical power. As a matter of fact, the power output of these diesel generators is directly proportional to its engine’s size.
  • Alternator – This is another key component of a diesel generator that uses the mechanical input supplied by the engine and converts it into electrical output. An alternator includes a rotor that produces a magnetic field to eventually generate some alternating current. This is why the rotor is referred to as the main part of the alternator.
  • Fuel System – This component stores and supplies the fuel to the generator. In general, a fuel system can easily keep a 62.5KVA silent generator running for about 6 to 8 hours.
  • Lubricating System – This unit ensures the smooth functioning of different parts of a diesel generator. This is why it is recommended to keep a proper check on the lubricating system of the generator to avoid any malfunctioning.
  • Control Panel – This unit not only includes the Start/Stop button but also contains indicators for various parameters like current, voltage, and frequency. You can easily operate your 2.5KVA portable generator through its control panel.

Working Principle of a Diesel Generator

Well, it is important for you to know that a diesel generator works in 4 cycles:

  1. Suction Intake
  2. Compression
  3. Power
  4. Exhaust

The functioning principle of a diesel generator is actually based on the law of energy conversion. This law states that the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to other.

A diesel generator contains an engine that uses diesel for its functioning. Now, it is the chemical energy of the diesel that is converted into mechanical energy during the combustion process. The mechanical energy which is generated is further converted into electrical energy in order to be used during power outages.

Modern diesel generators that are provided by Genset Manufacturers are usually well set-up with high specs, and they are readily available in different models. So, you can consider investing in a highly efficient diesel generator to ensure continuous power supply in your home and office.

For more information about the working principle and the incredible benefits of diesel generators, please get in touch with the experts at Skyline Power Solutions.