What is the Smallest Diesel Generator?

What is the Smallest Diesel Generator?

Perhaps you’re looking to power something like a home office, an RV, or a very small studio apartment. Searching through a ton of diesel generator ads gets tiring, but luckily, there are a few companies that build small silent portable generators for home use in India. This guide on the best smallest diesel generators is here to save you the time and headache of finding them.

Kubota GL-6000 Silent Portable Diesel Generator

The Kubota GL-Series 6 kW Diesel Generator (GL-6000) is one of the smallest silent diesel generators in India. It has a patented diesel engine that complies with EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without using DEF – a first for an air-cooled diesel generator. This portable diesel generator is 65 dB (A) at 23 feet and features a sound attenuated weather-proof vinyl enclosure. This unit also features GFCI for added safety protection, 12 hours of capacity at full load, a single-phase 220 V outlet, and a 2V DC battery charger. The Kubota GL6000 weighs 235 kg.

Ultra Micro 3.5 Kw Kubota-Powered Generator

On our list, the Ultra Micro 3.5 kW Kubota Powered Generator secured a position as the amazing, smallest silent diesel generator in India. It produces 3,500 watts of power at 50 Hertz, which is enough for most small RVs, boats, and cabins. The engine has a displacement of 1 liter and holds an electronically controlled governor for smooth operation and reduced exhaust emissions. Features include an automatic low oil shutdown system and an easy-start recoil starter with an electric start option as well as a top cover mounted handle for easy moving around the job site.

Greaves Power 2.5 kVA Portable Generator, GPA II-2.5

The Greaves Power 2.5 KVA Portable Generator is another great silent portable diesel generator for home use in India if you don’t need a lot of power. The generator has a fuel capacity of around four gallons and runs on diesel fuel or gasoline. It has an output of 2,500 watts at 50 Hertz, making it suitable for powering small appliances such as TVs and computers during an emergency power outage. Additionally, it comes with an automatic idle control system that allows it to save fuel while still providing steady voltage output during low load conditions.

Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator

If you need an inverter generator that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator! It’s lightweight and easy to move around but still packs a big punch for its size. The Honda EU1000i produces electricity at 1,000 watts at 50 Hertz and can be used to power lights, televisions, and other small appliances during an emergency power outage. Since it runs on a single-cylinder engine, it has a very low noise level and produces no exhaust fumes. It’s also simple to start with the pull cord. This little generator can provide up to 3 hours of power at full load and 6.8 hours at ¼ load.

There are many silent portable diesel generators of different sizes available on the commercial market, some quite big and others very small. Skyline Power Solutions can help you find and pick the best for your needs. To get more information on silent portable generators for home use in India, call 9212552666.