Top 6 Generator Problems & How to Fix Them

Top 6 Generator Problems & How to Fix Them

Generators are nothing short of a boon. Especially for people living in India, they are not a rare sight. The electricity connection here is not very reliable, and many times, people experience unexpected power outages. This is why generators are used for both commercial and personal purposes in this country.

For usage in residential areas, a portable Genset in India is a good option. However, generators are machines, and it is natural for them to face some troubles functioning sometimes. Here are the top six generator problems and their solutions.

1. Failure of Battery

If your generator stops in between or doesn’t start, you should check your electrical board. Generally, this is caused by battery failure. Generator Dealers in Delhi tell their customers to look at the battery terminals and confirm that they are working fine.

2. Leaking Coolant

Coolant hoses of the generator face a lot of damage due to extreme temperatures. This causes the coolant to leak. To keep your generator healthy, check your coolant hose every two years.

3. Low Level of Fuel

If your generator is a body, then the fuel is its blood. If it is low on fuel, your generator will not start. This can scare you but make sure to check the fuel level and add more fuel if you think your generator needs it.

4. Insufficient Level of Oils

Oil is extremely important for the smooth functioning of your generator. If your generator’s oil level is low, it might make a weird noise and not even work correctly. You must avoid this at all costs and keep on lubricating your generator with oil from time to time. This is what Genset manufacturers in India suggest as well.

5. Untidy Air Filter

Air filters comprise the generator’s outer unit, and they are just as important as the heart of the generator. If your air filter is dirty, it will impact the functioning and the lifespan of your filter. So, make sure you are checking and cleaning your filters at least once every two months.

6. Shut Down Shutoff Valve

You should always keep the shutoff valve closed when you are not using the generator. This is done to stop the generator from suddenly turning ON when you are not using it for an extended period. However, this helpful tip of shutting off the shutoff valve can work against you when you forget to open the valve back when you turn on your generator.

This will stop your generator from working, and you will think your generator is wrecked. To avoid this from happening, put up a note saying ‘Off’ on your generator while closing the valve.

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