Tips for Starting and Running an Industrial Diesel Generator in the Cold

Tips for Starting and Running an Industrial Diesel Generator in the Cold

There are quite a few disadvantages of freezing temperatures in the winter, especially for diesel generators in India that tend to freeze up because of the sudden weather drop. This leads to start-up problems, among many others. In extreme cases, this may even cause the generator to collapse.

In such circumstances, you would want to take precautions and measures to let your generator start smoothly during the winter. Therefore, without much wait, let us look at the tips and practices to start a diesel generator in the cold.

#1 Go by the Manual

The handiest document for you in these cases would be the manual. A silent generator manufacturer will always provide a manual along with their generators.

The manual would have all the information that you need to know about the generator. Naturally, it will also have a section dedicated to the steps required for winter maintenance. Ensure giving it a thorough reading to understand the process better.

#2 Inspect Thoroughly

A simple inspection of the generator can help you more than you think. Take a walk around the generator and check for the collection of debris or leaks. Be aware of puddles, stains, and other signs that may indicate a problem later.

These simple inspections can help you realize bigger problems, so make sure you do such visual inspections daily.

 #3 Pay Heed to the Engine Block Heater

Engine block heaters are your best friends in winter. These parts are solely responsible for keeping the engine heated up to avoid freezing. Therefore, always inspect its functionality before starting the generator.

Firstly make sure that it is always plugged into the shore power. Let the block heater run for a few hours before starting the generator. If it is not functional, you may face a lot of problems. So, if you don’t have an engine block heater, make sure to get one.

#4 Don’t Forget the Battery Charger

A dead battery is still one of the prime reasons for emergency generator service calls. So, you can understand how vital battery chargers are when it comes to getting your generator started smoothly.

Hence, make sure that they are also plugged into the main power shore. If the battery dies, then starting your generator will be impossible.

#5 Daily Maintenance is a Must

Lastly, nothing works better than daily upkeep. Keeping a close eye on how the generator is operating and maintaining tabs on functional performances will prolong your generator’s life span and improve its operation.

Ensure the following aspects to keep up with the regular maintenance requirements:

  • The engine is well-oiled
  • The filters are cleaned and replaced periodically
  • The spark plugs and the radiant cooler mixture are assessed
  • The engine block heater and battery are plugged in.

With that, you will not have to worry about starting your diesel generator even on the coldest days. If you need professional services or are looking for Diesel Generator Portable Silent, you may contact Skyline Power Solution at 9212552666 for immediate assistance and professional advice regarding your diesel generator.