Petrol Gensets

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Portable Petrol Generator Set Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

What is a Petrol generator?

A generator set is equipment, which is a combination of electrical and a mechanical equipment. It is a device designed and manufactured by petrol gen-set manufacturers for conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. More clearly speaking, a generator set is an electric generator mounted together with a mechanical prime mover as a single equipment to produce electricity.

The engine acts as a supplier of mechanical energy to the electric generator to convert mechanical energy into electricity. The generator set gets its nomenclature according to the type of fuel used to run the engine. When the fuel is petrol the set is termed as petrol generator set. Again when the fuel is diesel, it is called DG Set or diesel generator set. Accordingly, the name of the manufacturer varies as petrol genset manufacturer or diesel genset manufacturer.

Classification of Petrol Generators
Petrol generator manufacturers make primarily of two types of gen set based on the nature of electric current generated. Following are the two types

Portable Generator: these are smaller in size and low capacity, below 2 KVA generally used for shops, small offices, and schools.

Static Generator: These are of a bigger size and higher capacity, more than 2 KVA and may range from 125 KVA and above. These are used for big office buildings and commercial and residential buildings.

Security, Safety, and Noise Control
For security and safety, recently developed generators are encased by the manufacturers inside a protective cover or canopy. This makes the generator secured, safe weather and waterproof and noiseless. Petrol generator manufacturers manufacture soundproof as well as a weatherproof canopy for petrol generator sets.

Other Technical Features

Engines are generally air-cooled design commonly used by petrol generator manufacturers. There is a phenomenal development taken place in generator manufacturing. Advanced technology like OHV Technology with the following features:

  • High-durability
  • High performance
  • Effectiveness
  • Robust construction
  • Noiseless
  • Low emissions
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Portable

Transmission of mechanical energy to that of electrical can be done successfully by availing the generator from Skyline Power Solutions as we are one of the leading company in the industry of petrol generator manufacturer.