Generators Price List – Cost of 3 Kva to 625 Kva Diesel & Gas Gensets in India

Generators Price List – Cost of 3 Kva to 625 Kva Diesel & Gas Gensets in India

India has come a long way. Careful planning and multiple reforms have transformed the country. That said, we still have a long way to go. The U.S. may have declared India a developed nation, however, several sectors in the Indian economy still languish. Power is one such sector. It is India’s Achilee’s Heels.

Even after seven-plus decades of independence, power cuts are a reality in India. Frequent power cuts can bring your life to a grinding halt. Thanks to the unpredictable nature of power cuts, opting for a generator ranks high in the priority list of both homeowners and business owners. When opting for a generator, one of the first questions that come to the minds of people is how much should they expect to spend? We try to answer this question.

Types of Generators

The Indian generator market is growing by leaps and bounds. It comprises two broad user categories- residential genset users and commercial genset users. Generators can be classified on the basis of fuels used for generating electric power. Some typical examples are solar energy, petrol, kerosene, diesel, gas, and propane.

Another criterion used for classifying generators is their power generating capacity. Generators manufactured in India fall into the following categories(based on KVA ratings)

  • 5KVA-75KVA
  • 75KVA-375KVA
  • 375KVA-750KVA
  • 750KVA-1,000KVA
  • 1,000KVA-2,000KVA
  • 2,000+ KVA

Generators with 5KVA-75KVA rating account for the majority of the market share as they are easily available and can be used for multiple purposes.

Price List of Generators in India

Pricing of a generator depends on different factors such as its power rating, the type of fuel used, add ons (can include automatic voltage regulation and safety shut down, cooling and wheel kit and automatic transfer switch), after sales support (service, AMC, and warranty), and compliance to standards.

Industrial Generators

Industrial generators, as the name suggests, are used in industries. They are typically fixed generators and have a higher rating than 5KVA. Expect to pay INR2.50 lakhs-3 lakhs for a 15KVA industrial generator. A typical 15KVA generator is diesel powered, water cooled and weighs around 650 kg. Most 15KVA generators conform to sound emission standards CPCB-II emission norms and MoEF/CPCB sound emission norms.

15KVA generators typically generate power in one or three stages. They are ideal for small industrial units with two or three machines and can be used to supply backup power when grid supply fails.

Expect to pay INR5.4 lakhs-INR10.7 lakhs for a generator with a power rating in the 100-200KVA range. A typical 100KVA-200KVA generator is diesel powered, soundproof, and produces power in one or three phases. These generators usually weigh between 2,000 and 2,500 kg. They are typically used in medium-sized units. If you have a large production unit and need a heavy-duty generator (power rating 1,000-2,000KVA) expect to pay up to 1.5 crore or more.

Residential Generators

Earlier generators were exclusively used by businesses. Thanks to technological improvements, and declining costs, the demand for residential generators has exponentially increased over the past few years. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of residential generators.

If you have a small house, opt for an 850VA petrol powered generator. A typical 850VA is priced INR32,000. If you need a larger 3KVA generator, expect to pay up to INR 73,000. Generators with ratings between 4 and 6.5 KVA will cost you INR 1,01,000-INR 1,83,000.

Compact generators come with a number of useful features such as portability and low fuel consumption. Many generators have safety features such as circuit breakers, analog voltmeter, fuel level gauge, castor wheels, cooling fan indicator,  and oil level indicators. Modern generators are designed to operate noiselessly.

When buying a generator for your home, make sure it complies with national and international quality and safety standards. Look for a generator with the self-start option. If you can find one that can utilize different types of fuels, nothing like it. Make sure your generator comes with at least a one-year warranty.

3KVA generator price-If you have a medium-sized home, consider opting for a 3KVA generator. Expect to pay up to INR 25,000 for a typical 3KVA generator.

5KVA genset price in India – Expect to pay up to INR 50,000 for a 5KVA diesel powered genset.

Residential generators can also be used in small clinics, hospitals, showrooms, and shops.

Important Things to Look for When Buying a Generator

Noise Level

A noisy generator can be a nuisance both to yourself and the people around you. Make sure the muffler of your generator is in good condition. If possible, opt for a gas generator instead of a generator that utilizes diesel, as diesel generators tend to be noisier than their petrol counterparts.

Fuel Tank Capacity

If your area experiences frequent power cuts, you may want to opt for a generator with a large fuel tank. Look for a generator that adjusts its engine speed based on load demand for greater fuel efficiency. Remember, just because a generator can hold a decent amount of fuel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will run longer. Make it a point to check your preferred generator’s fuel efficiency.

Accessories and Service

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether a generator is right for your home or shop is the warranty accessories, and services offered. When calculating the final cost of your generator, remember to consider the installation and maintenance cost.  Some common accessories offered with generators include a funnel, wheels, power cord, and transfer switch.


Look for a generator with useful features such as silent operation, automatic cooling, automatic shutdown and voltage regulation and transfer switch.

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