Diesel Generators vs Petrol Generators: Which is Right for You?

Diesel Generators vs Petrol Generators: Which is Right for You?

Does your area experience power outages frequently? Does your life/business come to a standstill when power outages occur? If your answers to these questions is a yes, you must seriously consider investing in a generator in India.

Most domestic generators in India are powered by diesel or petrol. One of the most common questions genset buyers in India have is whether to invest in a petrol generator or bring home a diesel genset. Both diesel and petrol generators offer several benefits. When determining the right generator fuel type, consider your needs and different factors at play.

The Benefits of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators feature a robust design. They run at lower temperatures than petrol generators. Diesel engines are known for their superior efficiency. Though diesel generators are expensive, their long term benefits justify the high cost.

Diesel generators usually do not have spark plugs and require less maintenance than other types of generators. With a diesel generator, you will save more on operational costs than a petrol genset, as diesel is cheaper than petrol. Diesel is also safer than petrol because its vapors do not ignite as easily.

Diesel generators have come a long way. They are no longer as loud as they used to be. Modern gensets feature a sleek design and are more eco friendly than their predecessors.

The Advantages of Petrol Gensets

Petrol generators are more affordable than their diesel counterparts. They are a better option for temporary or infrequent use. Petrol generators are generally more eco friendly than their diesel brethren. Most petrol gensets operate noiselessly. This quality makes them fit for use in enclosed spaces or unfinished buildings without insulation.

They also produce less emissions than diesel gensets. Petrol gensets tend to be lighter than diesel generators and are easier to transport.

The Verdict

When choosing a generator, consider what you intend to use it for. Diesel gensets are usually used in industrial settings where power needs are very high and generator use is constant. They are also used in construction sites and farms as construction and farming equipment place a heavy demand on generators.

Petrol gensets can be used to power small shops, offices, and homes. If you do not plan to use your genset frequently or intend to use it for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to a small area, go for a petrol genset.

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