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Manufacturer of Diesel, Petrol & Gas Gensets of 125 KVA to 160 KVA for Home and Industry use.


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    Eco Friendly
    Compact and Super Silent
    Light weight and Powerful
    Economical and Longlife
    Available in Multi fuels (Petrol/ Gas/Diesel)

    Reliable Generator Sets For Standby By Skyline Power Solutions Features of Skyline Power Solutions Gensets :

    Skyline Power Solutions, a Swadeshi Group Company, provides the best solutions for your genset needs. We are a trusted generator dealer in Abohar, selling industry-grade, sturdy, and long-lasting power generators for standby use. At Skyline, we assure you get the convenience of using your preferred fuel for gensets. You can choose between various fuels, including;
    • Petrol Genset
    • Diesel Genset
    • Gas Genset
    Providing top-quality power solutions, our generator catalogue currently has multiple models with capacities ranging from 2.1 KVA to 250 KVA to meet your specific needs. Visit our generator shop in Abohar today!

    Compact & Super Silent

    Conventional generators have been there for decades and are still in use; however, they tend to make noise, annoying those around them. We sell gensets that are precisely compact and super silent, ensuring the least or no disturbance to the users and their surrounding people.

    Lightweight And Powerful

    Our product offerings include a variety of gensets that are light in weight, which means if you need to change their placement, they can be easily moved. Though these units are compact, silent, and lightweight, they are powerful enough to meet your standby power needs. With the expert-level assembling of engines and components, the gensets you buy from us will work efficiently in any weather.

    Economical And Durable

    While you need to manually turn on and shut down a traditional generator, which might also consume a considerable amount of fuel, our gensets help you save more on fuel. With auto-cut on the power supply, the generators shut down automatically within 3-5 seconds as the main power supply resumes. The sturdy metallic cabinet/body ensures the engine and other components inside it remain intact and function well for years.

    Available In Petrol, Diesel And Gas

    We aim to obtain the highest customer satisfaction, for which we pay special attention to understanding their needs. We sell power generators available in three fuel-run engines – petrol, diesel and gas.
    • Petrol Genset
    • Diesel Genset
    • Gas Genset
    It allows you to choose the generator according to your preferred fuel type. Choose a reliable generator supplier in Abohar; choose Skyline.

    Eco Friendly

    We sell fuel-based generators that also don’t cause many environmental risks compared to conventional generators. The gensets are eco-friendly power generators, and as you buy one from our range, you also take a step forward in promoting eco-friendly power solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Type Of Fuel Is Used In Generators?

    There are various types of power generators available on the market that use different types of fuels. However, some of the most common and popular generators run on either diesel or petrol or gas. Whenever you plan to buy a generator, you may get an option to choose according to your preference. Visit our generator shop in Abohar today to choose from a variety of excellent power generators!

    Why Should I Use A Generator?

    You can use a generator as a standby power solution, especially if you are in an area with extensive power cuts. For instance, if your office usually experiences hours of power cuts, you need a generator to ensure your office work doesn’t get affected. Similarly, suppose you are an event company. In that case, you can have a compact-size yet powerful power generator on standby and use it in case of need – continue the event without interruptions.

    Can I Get A Generator For My Home?

    Yes, you may need a powerful generator for your multi-story home if power cuts are usual in your area. In fact, silent power generators can be perfect for residential properties, ensuring the people living in that area don’t get disturbed.

    Where To Buy A Generator?

    You can buy a generator from any reliable seller, such as Skyline Power Solutions, one of the most reliable generator dealers in Abohar. You may contact us today to learn more about our gensets, and we can even help you choose the best one that suits your needs and budget. Call us now at +91 9212552666 for any queries.

    What To Consider While Buying A Generator?

    There are various factors you need to consider before purchasing a standby power generator. However, before knowing that, you should prepare a list of your needs, preferences and budget. Here are some of the crucial factors you should consider while buying a generator – size, weight, capacity, warranty/guarantee, portability, price, maintenance requirements, etc.

    Gensets Supplied By Skyline

    We aim to help our customers fulfil their unique, special needs. The generators we sell are absolutely compact and powerful as compared to other gensets available on the market. Despite generating power from 2.1 KVA to 10 KVA, these generators are lightweight, super silent and offer superb portability features (portable models).

    About Skyline Power Solutions

    We are a locally trusted generator supplier in Abohar with an aim to provide the best power solutions for everyone in need. If you are looking for a powerful genset, you may consider our generators made for homes, offices, chops, and other commercial properties. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to help you. Request a Free Quote Now! Dial +91 9212552666

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