8 Steps Essential for Proper Diesel Generator Maintenance

8 Steps Essential for Proper Diesel Generator Maintenance

Diesel generators process the electric generator to generate electrical energy and are famed for their durability, the reliability they command, and their sturdy nature in operations and costs. But – here’s a catch. Even if your Diesel Generator is compact, super silent, and backed by world-renowned engines- the lack of proper maintenance can bring your work to a halt as the engine ceases to function the optimal way.

How To Keep Your Diesel Generator Up And Running?

  • Lubrication
    Engine oil check at regular intervals is a must – especially as we shut down the generator at regular intervals. Use a dipstick to do so as the oil in the upper part drains back to the crankcase. Oil viscosity should be according to Diesel Generator Manufacturers
    recommendations. Keep changing oil and filter at designated time intervals.
  • Testing Batteries
    A common cause of standby power system failures happens to be batteries that reached dead-end level. Unless batteries are kept fully charged – from 40% – 100% and well maintained at all times – via regular testing and inspection – power failures can wreak havoc. Avoid chaos by the daily checking of battery status.
  • Cleaning Diesel Generator
    Oil drips are easily avoidable if engines are kept clean at all times of the day. One must make it a regular inspection practice to check the hoses and belts to see if their condition is optimal or not. Unlike how consumers think – diesel generators in India – despite no regular use – actually require a lot of regular maintenance.
  • Check Cooling System
    Checking the cooling system involves removing the radiator cap once the engine has cooled down. Don’t forget to add a coolant mixture containing water, antifreeze, and coolant additives. The radiator must be inspected thoroughly to check for obstructions and a soft brush used to remove all dirt and foreign material.
  • Exhaust System
    Leaks are a common occurrence along the exhaust line at the connection points or welds and caskets. Immediate detection and repair by a technician will prevent further damage.
  • Check Fuel System
    One ought to drain fuel filters at designated intervals to prevent water vapor condensing in the fuel tank. Fuel polishing also helps in case fuel is not changed every 3 to 6 months. General inspection includes checking coolant and oil levels, fuel, and starting systems.
  • Operating Inspections
    While the generator runs – certain design inspections ought to be done as prescribed in the manufacturer guidelines. These can consist of disconnecting generator batteries, draining the fuel system, changing fuel filters, replacing air filters, ensuring proper coverage of intake & exhaust ports, disconnecting generator supply connections, etc.
  •  Routine Engine Exercise
    To keep the engine lubricated optimally and prevent oxidation of electrical contacts – it is essential to maintain regular exercising. The engine uses up the fuel before it can deteriorate. A minimum of 30 min exercise once a months recommended having the engine start reliably.

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